Which Is Better Redbubble Or Society6?

In the modern era, artists and designers have multiple platforms to showcase and sell their work online. Redbubble and Society6 are two popular online marketplaces that cater to these creative individuals. Both platforms offer a wide range of products, including art prints, clothing, home decor, and accessories.

However, determining which platform is better can be a difficult task as they have distinct features, pricing structures, and target audiences. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intricate details of Redbubble and Society6, comparing their features, pros and cons, user experience, and overall suitability for artists and customers. By the end, you will have a clearer understanding of which platform aligns better with your needs and preferences.



  • Redbubble allows artists to upload their designs and apply them to a wide range of products, including t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and more.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly design tool, enabling artists to easily position their designs on various products.
  • Artists have the option to set their own profit margins, allowing them to control the pricing of their products.
  • Redbubble handles the printing, production, and shipping of products, relieving artists from the logistical burden.
  • The platform also provides artists with detailed analytics and sales data, helping them track their performance and make informed decisions.


  • Society6 offers a similar range of products as Redbubble, including art prints, home decor, apparel, and tech accessories.
  • Artists can upload their designs and apply them to products using Society6’s intuitive design interface.
  • The platform has a unique feature called “Collections,” which allows artists to curate their work and present it to customers in a more organized manner.
  • Society6 also handles the printing, production, and shipping of products, ensuring a hassle-free experience for artists.
  • Artists receive a base royalty rate for each product sold, with the option to earn additional royalties through Society6’s affiliate program.




  • Society6 follows a fixed pricing structure, wherein artists receive a set royalty rate for each product sold.
  • The base prices of products on Society6 are generally lower compared to Redbubble, making it more cost-effective for customers.
  • However, artists have limited control over the profit margin, as it is predetermined by Society6.

User Experience


  • Redbubble has a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it easy for artists to upload their designs and apply them to products.
  • The platform offers various resources, including tutorials, forums, and a comprehensive Help Center, to assist artists in navigating the platform.
  • Redbubble also has a vibrant and active community, with features such as groups and challenges, allowing artists to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals.


  • Society6 also provides a user-friendly interface, allowing artists to showcase their designs on products seamlessly.
  • The platform offers a dedicated help section with resources, FAQs, and a contact form for artists to seek assistance if needed.
  • Society6 has a distinct social aspect, with features such as following artists, liking and commenting on artwork, and joining groups, fostering a sense of community among its users.

Target Audience


  • Redbubble primarily attracts a younger demographic, including millennials and Gen Z, who are interested in unique and trendy designs.
  • The platform’s emphasis on pop culture references, memes, and contemporary art makes it appealing to this target audience.
  • Redbubble also has a strong presence in the gaming and fandom communities, offering a vast selection of fan art and merchandise.


  • Society6 appeals to a broader demographic, including individuals who appreciate diverse art styles, minimalist designs, and home decor.
  • The platform’s focus on art prints and interior design makes it popular among customers looking to enhance their living spaces with unique artwork.
  • Society6 also targets customers interested in supporting independent artists and discovering new talent.


In the battle of Redbubble vs. Society6, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and the specific goals of artists and customers. Redbubble offers more customization options, allowing artists to set their own profit margins, while Society6 provides a more cost-effective pricing structure for customers. Both platforms have user-friendly interfaces and foster vibrant artist communities.

Redbubble caters more towards a younger audience and has a strong presence in pop culture and gaming, while Society6 offers a broader range of art styles and appeals to customers interested in interior design. Ultimately, artists and customers should carefully assess their needs, target audience, and desired level of control over pricing before deciding which platform aligns better with their goals.

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