What Is Better Than Society6?

Society6 has long been a popular online marketplace for artists and designers to sell their work. With its vast range of products, including art prints, home decor, apparel, and accessories, it has provided a convenient platform for creators to reach a global audience. However, as the market evolves, new platforms have emerged, offering distinct features and benefits. In this article, we will explore several alternatives to Society6 and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.


Redbubble is one of the most prominent competitors to Society6. Like Society6, it enables artists to sell their designs on various products, ranging from art prints to clothing and home decor. However, Redbubble has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, allowing artists to customize their shops and products more extensively. Additionally, Redbubble offers a broader range of products, including stickers, stationery, and tech accessories, expanding the potential market for artists.


Etsy is widely recognized as a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. While it may not directly compete with Society6 in terms of product offerings, it provides a unique platform for artists and designers looking to sell one-of-a-kind or customizable items. Etsy’s focus on handmade goods creates an atmosphere that appeals to a specific niche market, attracting buyers who appreciate the craftsmanship and individuality of artistic creations.


Threadless takes a different approach by combining e-commerce with crowdsourcing. Artists can submit their designs, which are then voted on by the community. The most popular designs are selected for printing on various products, and the artists receive royalties for their work. This democratic approach allows artists to gain exposure and recognition, while also providing them with a potential revenue stream. The community aspect of Threadless also fosters a sense of collaboration and support amongst artists.


Printful distinguishes itself as a print-on-demand service that integrates with various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. Unlike Society6, which operates as a marketplace, Printful enables artists to create their own branded online stores. Artists can upload their designs, select products to print on, and Printful takes care of the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping processes. This level of control and customization appeals to artists who want to establish their own brand and have more flexibility in pricing and marketing strategies.


Minted focuses primarily on stationery and art prints, catering to customers who value high-quality, curated designs. Minted operates through design challenges, where artists submit their work for consideration. Winning designs are then sold on Minted, and the artists receive royalties. Minted’s emphasis on curation and quality control ensures that the platform appeals to a discerning customer base, seeking unique and sophisticated designs.


Zazzle offers a vast array of customizable products, allowing artists and designers to showcase their work on everything from apparel to home decor and gifts. Zazzle’s strength lies in its extensive customization options, allowing customers to personalize products with their own text, images, or designs. This feature opens up opportunities for artists to create unique, personalized products for their customers, leading to increased engagement and potential sales.


While Society6 has been a popular choice for artists and designers to sell their work, the emergence of alternative platforms has expanded the options available. Redbubble, Etsy, Threadless, Printful, Minted, and Zazzle each offer distinct features and benefits, catering to different artistic styles, business models, and target markets. Artists and designers should consider their specific needs, goals, and preferences when selecting the platform that aligns best with their creative vision and business aspirations. Ultimately, the “better” platform will depend on individual circumstances and priorities.

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